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Breaking News: Culpan al Presidente Donald J. Trump de las Explosiones de gas en Lawrence.


Ha adquirido la categoría de “Moda” el culpar al presidente de los Estados unidos Donald J. Trump, de todas las tragedias que ocurren dentro y fuera del país incluyendo desastres naturales.

En Lawrence y sus ciudades vecinas,  Andover y North Andover, se produjeron el pasado jueves alrededor de unos 80 fuegos de residencias por explosiones causadas por una sobre presurización de las tuberías de gas natural, según los informes preliminares de las autoridades. Una persona muerta, decenas de heridos, grandes pérdidas materiales, evacuaciones del Sur de la ciudad, y una incertidumbre generalizada en los residentes de la ciudad, es el saldo hasta el momento de esta inusual tragedia.

La manera en que se han manejado las autoridades que conducen la investigación de la tragedia ha despertado suspicacias entre muchos de los residentes que se han manifestado al través de los medios sociales. Un debate en Facebook que llamó la atención de Editorial Week y que transcribimos en su forma original, es el siguiente:

“Jairold Q Jimenez: ” Call me a conspiracy theorist but I’m finding it hard to believe that what happened in Lawrence was some freak accident. Thinking back a few months ago, Trump repeatedly mentioned Lawrence in both opoid & immigration issues. Yesterday all this started right before school was out, before people returned home from work.. so far there’s been over 100+ building effected by fire/explosion but only 1 reported casualty. The response time was lightning fast(aside from the gas company) and now, the entire population of Lawrence (A Sanctuary City) is displaced and seeking refuge which will require them to register with some kind of branch of the federal government so anyone not up to date with their paperwork will be deported and anyone with a standing warrant will be arrested. Even though Mayor revera insisted that illegal immagrants have nothing to worry about, he doesn’t have any say when it comes to the federal governments agenda”.

Otro de los participantes, ripostó lo siguiente:

Larry Lara: “I don’t think this was a false flag, a gas explosion has nothing to do with opioids and immigration, regarding immigration for those who have been in the country illegally for many years, they have had the chance to apply for work visas and get their permanent resident card and get their citizenship. I know the process cost a lot of money but those who have come before and worked hard to get their citizenship had no time to waste on worrying who the president of the country is. When they should be worrying about is how they can legally get their citizenship before immigration laws become more strict”.



“Jose Alfonso Garcia:Waooooh! Jairold, “te la comiste” Are you blaming President Trump of being behind the gas explosion in Lawrence? That’s not a conspiracy theory, that’s a damaging accusation against a sitting US president. But this charge, coming from a Latino person like you, who happens to be an immigrant, clearly explains two important facts:
a) How great is our First Amendment Right in this country that allows you to talk that way against president Trump, without further consequences. Unfortunately, that’s never happens in Quisqueya, the beautiful island we all love.

b) How far and low democrats have gone to try to win back congress in November. They want all us to live in fear and dependents on “government protection”, so they can claim ownership of the votes of minorities like you and I in every election.

Your accusation is not something new. They have blamed president Trump of everything bad that have happened in the world, from the Hurricane Maria that destroyed Puerto Rico to Florence, now blasting the East Coast in main land. That’s why according to the latest Gallup’s polls, Trump has 32% of the Latino voters and a 28% of the African-Americans. This is driving crazy to many democrats. But they know that many in our Hispanic communities are very easy targets to trick. They do know that many of us don’t have the time to educate ourself to understand the purpose of their strategy.

Gas explosions affecting thousands of people have occurred in Massachusetts way before
Mr. Trump became our president. It happened in Springfield, and do you know which was the gas company involved I that disaster? Columbia Gas. So, Jairold, please don’t repeat everything you read or hear, there is too much fake news in social media”.

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