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Serious errors in the vote tallying in Lawrence may trigger a general recount.

By Jose Alfonso Garcia, Senior Editor.


Breaking news: The Eagle Tribune said today that a high ranked democrat, Massachusetts Secretary of state, William Galvin, is taking control of our election Office in Lawrence citing critical errors in vote tallying by unqualified staff in charge of managing such important primaries. Now that the main election executive in the state has spoken, all those candidates that participated in the September 4th elections in Lawrence, should come forward to claim a general recount of all ballots including: Absentee ballots, early voting and other categories that may apply. Former Mayor William Lantigua, for example, lost his September 4th bid for Estate Representative in the 16th District, by less than 200 votes.

As our readers may recall, thousands of voters have expressed dissatisfaction in the past for the surprising and hard to believe results in all three consecutive elections that Lantigua has lost, including, but not limited to, his bid for reelection as Mayor in 2014. After Lantigua lost the election, thousands of his supporters went to his headquarter in a matter of hours, to sign the recount petition. They all believed his candidate would win easily.

Now that Secretary Galvin, has opened a can of worms, for whatever reason, William Lantigua and other losing candidates have the right, and the obligation to ask for a recount to defend the will of his voters. Do not forget that only four months ago, Mr. Galvin reminded Mayor Rivera in the Boston media, that he, (Rivera), hadn’t won any election in Lawrence against Lantigua by making this claim: “Your nothing, I made you mayor of Lawrence” That fight between these two high level elected officials, both democrats, has been almost forgotten in Lawrence due to our bad memory.

In Lowell, it’s a different story in which the winner for the Third congressional District is still too close to call, and a recount in this case is imminent. A well conducted recount  could incline the balance either way.

As our president
Donald Trump says: “Let’s see what happened”

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