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By Jose Alfonso Garcia, Senior Editor.




Mayoral candidate William Lantigua won overwhelmingly the Telemundo Poll, hogging 63.3% of the vote against 36.7% for Rivera. Telemundo Poll is a survey organized by Telemundo Boston among its viewers and had caught the attention of Latino voters in Lawrence for the past few weeks.

These results, although being from a spontaneous survey of a regional Hispanic language TV channel, should be a concern for Mayor Dan Rivera who has spent a fortune on negative ads against former Mayor Lantigua in this powerful media station while Lantigua has not spent a penny.


In a video paid by the Rivera’s campaign on Telemundo, Univision and widely disseminated by social media Lantigua portrayed as a dangerous criminal. The ad directly attacks his family. This negative political propaganda, even though being criticized by community leaders was not removed.


The Eagle Tribune said this afternoon that Rivera has spent so far about $ 300, 000 in his bid to win the trust of Lawrence voters for four more years, while Lantigua has spent about US $ 30,000. That means Rivera has overspent Lantigua 10 to 1. This is the most expensive mayoral race in Massachusetts history and it happened in Lawrence the poorest city in the state. If Rivera lose tomorrow this could the greatest embarrassment ever suffer by a democratic candidate since the presidential election with Hillary Clinton.


The Tribune also revealed the names of some donors to both campaigns showing that most of Rivera’s donations come from outside Lawrence and, as Editorial Week stated last week, the money came from companies and individuals with interests in the city that feel very comfortable dealing with Mayor Rivera’s administration.


If the Telemundo survey measured exactly what will happen tomorrow in Lawrence, then the saying  will be: “Money is not everything”.
My dear Lawrence readers: Go out and vote early. Be part of Lawrence History.

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