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Senator Elizabeth Warren is not welcomed in Lawrence.

The Massachusetts US Senator Elizabeth Warren who is now testing waters to run for president of the United States is announced to come to Lawrence this Saturday to knock on doors to support Mayor Dan Rivera in his bid for reelection. Rivera is facing a very popular and experienced opponent, former Mayor William Lantigua from whom he obtained the seat four years ago by a ridiculous margin of 57 votes.
The Eagle Tribune, Boston Globe, El Mundo and other media outlets in the region have portrayed former Mayor Lantigua as the most corrupt mayor in the world and his four years in office as a total failure. But the people of Lawrence think the opposite.
Rosa Diaz, a business owner who have lived in Lawrence for the last 25 years, laughed when being asked about the alleged Lantigua’s corruption and why she believes Warren is supporting Rivera instead of Lantigua: “I love Senator Warren, she said. “I voted for her, she is a good senator. Maybe she doesn’t know how much the city is suffering now. Choosing Rivera over Willy really was a bad decision”

Alfonso Rodriguez, a well-known community activist told Editorial Week “The Latino community is not happy with Senator Warren because they see her and other influential Boston elected officials as intruders that use his power and relationships as Boston high ranking figures to interfering in our municipal elections to impose to Lawrence voters a very unpopular mayor who has failed fighting crime, creating jobs, cleaning the city and creating opportunities for the Latino community mainly concentrated in the North side of the city”
Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Markey, US Representative Nicki Tsongas, Governor Baker, Attorney General Maura Healey an almost any other candidate running for office during the past mayoral election came to Lawrence and stood up behind Dan Rivera at that time; but after using so much power, resources, and community concerns of frauds, Rivera barely could win the election.
“Please Senator Warren, leave us alone! We don’t need you to tell us who we should vote for” Said Patricia Rivera (No relations with the Mayor) a resident of Saint Alfio a housing building at Common St. It’s like if she hasn’t heard anything what really is happening in Lawrence” and she added: Lawrence is a chaos: Shootings, drugs, corruption, Rivera just can’t handle it.
According to the Eagle tribune, 26 people have been killed in violent crimes and 96 other have died of drug overdoses on the streets of Lawrence since Rivera is the mayor. This are very high and concerning statistics for a small city like Lawrence. His administration has been plagued of corruption scandals that involved his inner circle.
Mayor Rivera have illegally fired dozens of high ranking employees believe to be related with his today opponent former Mayor William Lantigua. This unjustified action has prompted a record breaking number of lawsuits and it has cost millions of dollars to the tax payers. All those positions and many other new created jobs have been filled with Rivera political cronies who can easily be seen campaigning with the mayor for his reelection.
The Election Day is November 7, 2017, polls open at 7:00 PM.

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