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Lantigua Receives significant endorsements for Mayor!!! A painful BACKLASH for Mayor Rivera and the Eagle Tribune.

By Jose Alfonso Garcia, Senior Editor.



Political endorsements by influential individuals, powerful labor unions and other agencies, although residing or doing business outside of Lawrence and handling substantial economic interests in the city, are causing a real headache for mayoral candidates.

Current mayor Dan Rivera and former Mayor William Lantigua were the finalists in the preliminary election and now will be facing each other a 2nd time on November 7th, competing for the highest executive seat at City Hall, 200 Common Street.

But there are endorsements that alone can expose candidates’ strengths, failures and weaknesses.

Governor Baker endorsed Mayor Rivera. He is a high-ranking Republican who needs to be connected with voters in Lawrence for his next year e-election. Lawrence is a territory totally own almost 5-1 by the democrats whose main leaders declared war against former Mayor William Lantigua, only because he supported Paul Adams, a young republican that was running for the 17th Essex District, now represented by Fran Moran, also a Lawrence democrat.

If the rivalry and Jealousy among the followers of both candidates have not changed, then the endorsement of Governor Baker can be a real problem for Rivera in his bid for reelection, because he may be considered a traitor for violating essential principles of the Democratic party, same thing happened to Lantigua a couple of years ago.

Last week the powerful Lawrence Firefighter Union publicly endorsed William Lantigua stating that the candidate is the best option voters have to face the crisis and move the city forward.
This outstanding endorsement by the firefighters in conjunction with the “Vote of No Confidence” recently given to Mayor Rivera by the Lawrence Police Patrol Union may reveal the sour and conflicting relationships that Mayor Rivera maintains with his Public Safety agencies. Lawrence Police and Fire Department constitute the backbone of social stability in Lawrence and it could create a credibility problem for any Mayor running for reelection.

Trying to minimize the damages of these surprising endorsements to former Mayor William Lantigua, various media outlets in the region that have been very friendly with Mayor Rivera’s Administration since the inauguration day back in January 2014, promptly offered reasons to justify the endorsement decision.
The Eagle Tribune on a news report the next day said the reason for this endorsement was that, due to “economic downturns”, Mayor Rivera has kept those unions without contracts for over three years. In contrast to this assessment by the regional newspaper, mayor Rivera has been proudly showing a $12M surplus as one of the major accomplishments of his administration.

On the other hand Lantigua, who started his administration in 2009 with a city at the brink of bankruptcy and uncovered a $24.5M deficit, negotiated and signed new contracts with both the police and the firefighter unions during his time in office.

The Eagle Tribune and most of the Boston media have always portrayed the former Mayor William Lantigua as a corrupt and controversial political figure. The Latino community in Lawrence has the perception that,  with the exception of Rumbo News, all other media seem to be constantly siding with Mayor Rivera on his reelection bid for this year.


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