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Breaking News: Tom Brady Stood up against playing politics in sports

By Jose Alfonso Garcia, Senior Editor.




As football lovers, hundreds of millions of people in the United States are offended by the NFL players and organizations that have chosen to mix politics with paid sports to disrespect our country, our values, our heroes and all those before us who have sacrificed their lives and their family beings in the name of freedom, liberty and sovereignty. Our national anthem, our flag, represent all of that.

Yesterday at the opening day for the football season over 200 players across de nation kneeled during singing of the National Anthem. According to them, to protest for what they have called “Social Justice” or exercising their First Amendment right. But a great majority other Americans think that this so called “protests” are being pushed by those who that have been doing whatever it takes in order to continue the resistant movement against the Trump’ administration initiated way before he got to the White House.

However, in Massachusetts, one of the most liberal states in the nation, our exceptional hero, Tom Brady, stood up among the gig crow to observe respect for our National Anthem and our flag. He promised that he will never allowed anybody to dragged him into politics for any reason.
“I am not getting into any of that,” Brady said Sunday afternoon after the Patriot victory 36-33 over the Texan. I speak for myself, I believe what I believe.” Said Brady to the reporters.

It is true that they have the constitutional right to protest for whatever they want; but anywhere else, outside the stadium, no with my money, I would never pay to disrespect my country.

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