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Lawrence, Parking meters : A Lucrative Scam With City License.


Editorial Week appreciates very much all the positive and negative comments in this post. Our intention is to creating a great debate to hear more about this and other insignificant issues that are badly damaging the image of our community.

I think it is so sad and even pathetic to hear that Ms. Eileen Bernal, who is an attorney and 2nd in command in our City government, sending the wrong message to the tax payers. She is the Chief of Staff and Mayor Rivera’s right hand. If she doesn’t understand the problem, then we could conclude that the Mayor doesn’t get it either and with a reelection campaign going on is very risky. The city simply cannot and may not charge any resident or tax payer for a service no provided. That’s abusive, illegal and may turn away many voters.

I am not pretending in any way to undermined the Mayor or his administration with my comments and I know for sure that neither you are; but we need to work together to find a long tern solution for this problem.
I have heard rumors that there is a new company picking up the city trash. This new company, always according to the rumors, was hired by Mayor Rivera right after the previous contract expired; but that he not even informed the City Council about it. In the meantime, most of the parking meters are damaged or without paper to print receipts. But who’s responsible: the receipt says City of Lawrence; the name of that reckless company doesn’t appear on such receipts.

Do you have any idea of how many poor residents have been robbed for this infernal machine? I think that by the thousands. I use the words robbed or still because there is no other way to call it. You easily could find hundreds of residents complaining about the same issue.

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